Addressing barriers to healthy aging by developing a new Muscle Analyzer System

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Microwave applications in medicine have been researched by the Microwaves in Medical Engineering Group at Uppsala university for several years.

Since 15 September 2020, a new handheld device co-funded by the EU fund Eurostars is being developed by an SME driven research consortium that includes,,, and The device utilizes non-ionizing radiation and is new to the medical field. It has promising benefits over existing standard diagnostic techniques such as CT, MRI or DXA in also finding and monitoring cancer patients that are prone to sarcopenia and malnutrition. Sarcopenia is a disease of low skeletal muscle mass, function and strength. It affects many, occurring in 19.7 million patients in Europe per year, increasing to over 32 million in 2045 and is on average responsible for 2% of the total European healthcare budget.

This new device will be easy to use and readily available for healthcare and will be suitable for screening, diagnosing and monitoring muscle health. It will enable repeated dynamic measurements of muscle properties in patients over time without the risk of negative effects. The device will enable healthcare early-on in developing an intervention strategy that can treat or prevent these conditions before it leads to decreased independence, early-onset disability, and decreased quality of life, among other adverse health outcomes. The goal for healthcare is to enable healthy and robust aging.

The device will then spin out of academia and be taken over by the legal manufacturer for pre-commercialization activities until launch.

Probingon is a spin-off from the MMG research group at Uppsala University and is tasked with manufacturing, commercializing, marketing and selling novel sensor technologies to improve healthcare.

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