Enabling healthy aging through preventive health measures

We all get older. As we get older, we suffer age-related declines in our health. One person in every five will be 60 years of age or older by the end of 2050. The need for healthcare is to improve patient outcomes in reducing future care dependency by enabling healthy aging after the age of 50. At the core of the patient’s intrinsic capacity are muscle health and adequate nutrition. For primary and elderly care, screening of biomarkers for an accurate health status assessment requires early successful diagnosis and a patient-centric workflow to engage healthcare providers and patients to proactively treat the patients' health.

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by the University Hospital at Toulouse et al, describes the World Health Organization's action plan to change clinical practice for a more patient-centric workflow. The need in developing a concept in using more active health monitoring of senior citizens by measuring digital biomarkers will become vital for preventive health measures at the #pointofcare.

In the near future, new technological solutions will be launched by #probingon_ab to support healthcare in screening, diagnosing and monitoring biomarkers such as #musclemass and #tissuequality at the Point-of-care to prevent or reverse conditions such as low #musclemass and #sarcopenia.

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