As a niche company, we also supply and produce Tissue Equivalent Anthropomorphic Phantoms for Medical Applications.

Our Services

Our consulting services support senior executives in the medical device industry. Our focus is on R&D, marketing and sales functions.

We specialize in technology strategy project consulting for medical device companies. Technology strategy consulting means being able to actively assist our clients in charting the current state of technology they are using, the desired state of technology and a road map with clear milestones which helps in actively transitioning from the current state to desired state of technology.


Our company operates at the forefront of science and research in solid state electronics for medical device. 

How we work

The marketing of consulting services is done via client selection since we possess a unique set of skills and experience to solve your goals, needs or problems. If you look us up, chances are that you already know us by reputation or word of mouth. The other way around, if our sales department approaches you, it's because we analyzed your business and believe we could create value together.