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    R&D Strategy

    R&D Strategy

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    Clinical Wearables

    Diagnostics, monitoring and follow up at the point-of-care

    The concept of the Internet of Medical Things-IoMT means any technical ecosystem of connected clinical wearable technologies can be developed in capturing clinical data in a meaningful way that is consistent and reliable that the profession can form a clinical diagnosis that can have an impact on health outcome at the point-of-care.

    Other possibilities for clinical wearables will be in supporting effective chronic disease management strategies for the profession. Since most conditions are exacerbated by lifestyle choices and poor management, clinical-grade wearables are uniquely geared to provide deeper insight into preventive care practice for remote and hospital care settings.

    Body-Centric Networks

    Body-centric networks deal with body computing. That is, how do we in a flexible way integrate wearable technology, implanted devices, and brain-machine interfaces, combined with computing resources at the edge and cloud?

    The purpose of future body-centric networks is for example in a network to be able to use deep brain stimulation that uses electrical stimulation to treat movement disorders associated with diseases such as Parkinson´s and injuries in connection with the patient’s spinal cord.

    IoMT Support Systems

    Today, there a no technical limitations in creating analytical systems at the edge and cloud that can combine and analyze data over the continuum of care to support the profession in diagnostics.