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    Muscle Atrophy

    Musculoskeletal conditions and disorders resulting in decreased muscle mass are the primary cause of sickness and/or disability in Europe. They incur major social costs and are a major cause of lost productivity. These conditions affect people of all ages. In most musculoskeletal conditions, people pass from having normal health to being at risk and then developing clinical manifestations.

    Patients then may recover spontaneously or following treatment or persist in a state of long-term impaired health. Many musculoskeletal conditions are persistent and progressive, and the person will move from an early and/or mild stage to a late and/or severe stage. Some die prematurely as a result of the condition together with co-morbidities. Specifically, the prevalence of many muscular atrophy conditions / disorders and their associated disability increases as well with aging, obesity, and or lack of physical activity.

    A multimodal approach in diagnostics, monitoring and follow-up at the point-of-care combined with new approaches in nutrition and pharma using exercise as a medicine will contribute to creating a new reference standard at the point-of-care for measuring muscle mass and tissue quality.