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    Probingon first innovation that is being commercialized in the market is a muscle analyzer system – MAS (project name). The MAS is a device that can determine Muscle Mass and Fat Infiltration in skeletal muscle by the use of non-ionizing microwaves.

    Quantification is achieved by analyzing the influence of dielectric tissue properties on the physical behavior of the microwaves. Propagation, reflection and attenuation of the microwaves are all influenced by the electrical properties of the underlying tissue. Therefore, analysis of the microwave signal yields accurate information on both the quantity and the quality of tissue.

    The MAS was initially developed from research and development in diagnosing Sarcopenia, but it found quickly a greater use in diagnostics and follow up in therapy development for primary and secondary muscle atrophy for cases in surgery, COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cancer and Liver diseases.

    After validation in research, the MAS will be transferred to Probingon for further product development and commercialization work.