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    Any new medical device innovation requires a commercialization process to maximize exposure and interest in creating new markets at the point-of-care before a new sensor device or clinical wearable can be successfully launched.

    This commercialization process includes three strategic directives through which new innovations move and decisions are made by management to maximize value for the customer and to generate a return on investment.

    These strategic directives concern the work for creating

    • an early adoption
    • creating and expanding an adoption network in the market
    • Planning and executing mainstream adoption of the innovation

    Due to the convoluted and fragmented structure of the healthcare market, Probingon will create strategic alliances with stakeholders like actors in pharma and nutrition that have a commercial interest in the innovation and prepare a controlled launch in selected countries before we do a complete roll out.

    Hence, for these innovations in various clinical areas, we work via target marketing in close partnership with medical device distributors and selected OEM partners depending on the individual market and country.