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    Our History

    Our History

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    Medical microwave applications in medicine have been researched by the Microwaves in Medical Engineering Group at Uppsala University for several years.

    The scientific premise for electromagnetic microwaves has been that they can be used at the point-of-care as medical imaging modality in sensor applications and as a wireless communication medium for clinical wearables.

    The non-ionizing nature of microwaves makes this technology especially useful in improving outcomes in therapy development, monitoring changes harmlessly and for follow up. Strategically, the use of this technology symbolizes a tectonic shift in diagnostics enabling precision healthcare by freeing up centralized resources from radiology departments.

    For clinical wearables and implants that are uniquely geared to provide deeper insight into preventive care practice for remote and hospital care settings, Professor Augustine and colleagues at MMG have established the feasibility of a bi-directional wireless microwave link through the body’s fat channel providing a communication pathway to transmit health data creating an intrabody wireless network.

    The R&D base and future vision in Microwaves for the development of biomedical sensors, wearables and body-centric networks opens up a range of diagnostic and treatment solutions for commercialization from orthopedics to neuroscience.