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    The near future of healthcare

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    Probingon AB commercializes and markets novel sensor technologies, clinical wearables, Body-centric Networks and related services.

    These sensors are used in primary- and secondary care point-of-care devices for diagnostics and for clinical wearables that are part of a growing IoT ecosystem to monitor the status of patients by capturing meaningful health data to improve patient outcome. This data gets communicated over networks to software applications that can analyze the data accurately and quickly for more efficient diagnostics, therapy development and follow up in the continuum of care.

    For the future, Probingon drives the development for IoT connected point-of-care and clinical wearable sensor and body-centric networks that enable and expand the continuum of care, from hospital to clinic to the patient's home and workplace.

    The company partners in sales, marketing, training, service and maintenance via medical device distributors and selected OEM partners for certain countries. If you are well-positioned in your market, we would love to hear from you.